Email is one of the communication backbones of all companies. Whether partnering with clients’ existing internal IT departments or fulfilling the Outsourced IT Department role, we believe in offering only fully-managed email solutions whereby we take responsibility for ensuring the highest levels of service and performance.

We offer multiple leading email solutions. This allows us not only to effectively address the specific needs of each individual business, but also to offer combination solutions that help clients to balance price and complexity. 

Mdaemon Private Cloud

We have been working with Mdaemon since the inception of our business. Our experience and commitment to this product opened the door for us to be AltN’s African Technology Primary Partner for their cloud solution, allowing us to specialise in assisting clients throughout Africa to migrate their business’ email into a cloud environment.

Hosted Exchange

We were one of South Africa’s first Hosted Exchange providers, going live with our 2007 Hosted Exchange Server in 2008. Currently we run two Hosted Exchange platforms - MS Exchange 2013 and 2016. Our solutions have been engineered for scalability and reliability. Outsourcing this email requirement gives clients not only one of the leading email solutions in the world, but this in a cloud environment and with hardware specifications geared for highest uptime and stability.



Office365 is Microsoft’s private cloud email solution and since launching, this product has grown substantially across the world. For clients choosing to go this route, we have trained, experienced engineers to assist with migration of their email to Microsoft’s network in a way that maximises the benefits inherent in the system


Email Archiving Solutions

Many clients require a separate backup of all email associated with their company. Whether inbound/outbound or internal email, there needs to be a secure and accessible copy of all email available for a period of time often as long as 10 years. We partner with two companies to provide email archiving solutions - MailStore and Mimecast. These two different products ultimately do the same thing although their different methods of data accessibility make a proper assessment of each client’s particular needs important. 

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Darshan Ramlogan