Outsourced IT Director Role

In this role, we walk alongside a client’s IT Department staff to provide the specialist skills and solutions that enable a business to thrive with world class IT technologies at their disposal.  Our client’s IT departments (from IT Managers right through to on-the-road IT Technicians) benefit from the injection of our 21 years of experience, specialist product offerings and a positive relationship that facilitates good and growing business.


Outsourced IT Department

In this role, we partner with clients to become their de facto IT Department, filling the roles of IT Manager as well as Support Staff. Our mission is to walk together with clients to introduce the most efficient IT solutions with a view of reducing support hours to a minimum.
We make use of our in-house Helpdesk for call logging and call tracking. Our Helpdesk Software has been custom-designed to ensure efficient engineer updating and follow-through on all jobs. For over 21 years we have consistently invested in our Helpdesk Software and continue to do so. The result is a fine-tuned tool with exceptional levels of accountability and service delivery. But, while all of our support staff and technicians work with this unique software, we believe in the human touch and clients can rest assured that there is always an expert at GNS who they can talk to.

Such is our confidence and track record that we operate all of our maintenance contracts on notice of one calendar month.


For clients not yet able or will to enter into a maintenance contract, we offer an Ad-hoc Network Management Service. Ad-hoc clients can expect the same prompt and efficient service as all GNS clients.


24-hour Standby Support is available to all clients on Network Maintenance SLAs.

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Darshan Ramlogan