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"Safeguard Your Digital Fortress: Unleash the Power of Our Cyber Security Services"

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The modern business world often requires remote access to their own office networks; this creates a constantly evolving set of threats to data. These threats add to the traditional internal data threats including internet abuse and network mismanagement.


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Network Security

Looking for excellent security solutions? Global Network Systems offers a comprehensive range of security offerings that include Firewall and Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices. Our specialized department has the vision and drive to mitigate the significant expense and risk associated with firewalls.​


We provide quality firewalls at an affordable cost by renting out our firewall and UTM solutions and pairing them with a Service Level Agreement, ensuring the effective application of all security solutions. Our approach to network security is simple and practical and has proven itself worthy time and time again to be extremely effective.​At Global Network Systems, we understand that downtime is every business's worst fear.


Our network security product suite, comprehensive service level agreements, and experience ensure guaranteed stock availability of required firewall solutions and prompt availability of trained engineers to address technical issues.​Our team specializes in leading branded security products, such as iShield, Sophos UTM Devices, Mikrotik, Mikrotik FlashStart to achieve effective fire-walling solutions for our clients. We handpick key items for different business sizes and apply our tried and tested fire walling formulas to ensure that stability meets price.​


As a valued GNS client with a month-to-month network maintenance service level agreement, you will receive 24/7 standby support. Find our standby support details on our contact page. Choose Global Network Systems for the best firewall and UTM solutions to contain and monitor data threats. Contact us today for more information.

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