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GNS Email Solutions

Email Solutions as a Service.

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Email Solutions


We offer multiple leading email solutions including:

Microsoft 365 Exchange Online, Microsoft Hosted Exchange and Hosted Mdaemon. This allows us not only to effectively address the specific needs of each individual business, but also to offer combination solutions that help clients to balance price and complexity.


Should you be interested in exploring these solutions – please click on 'Get Started',  complete our online form and we will contact you to arrange a free assessment of your requirements.

Email Solutions:

At Global Network Systems, we understand that email is a vital communication tool for any business. That's why we offer fully-managed email solutions to ensure the highest levels of service and performance, whether you're partnering with your existing internal IT department or outsourcing your IT needs to us.

We offer multiple leading email solutions, including M-Daemon, Hosted Exchange, Office 36
5, and Email Archiving. Our experienced team can help you choose the solution that best fits your business needs and budget.

M-Daemon is a reliable and scalable email solution that we've been working with since the inception of our business. As M-Daemon Technologies' primary partner for their cloud solution, we specialize in assisting businesses throughout Africa and migrating their email solutions into the cloud environment.

Our Hosted Exchange platform, running on
Microsoft Exchange 2019 and Exchange 2022, is engineered for scalability and reliability. Our cloud environment and hardware specifications ensure the highest uptime and stability.

For businesses looking for a private cloud email solution, we offer
Microsoft Office 365. Our highly qualified and experienced engineers can assist with the migration of your email to Microsoft's network, maximizing the benefits of the system.

We also offer Email Archiving solutions, partnering with
MailStore and Mimecast to provide secure and accessible copies of all email associated with your company. Our team will conduct a free assessment of your needs to determine which solution best fits your requirements.

If you're interested in exploring our email solutions, click on Get Started below and we'll contact you to arrange a free assessment. Choose Global Network Systems for a reliable and scalable email solution that fits your business needs.


MDaemon Hosted Email - an overview:

Features & Benefits


  • No contract period
    (one month cancellation notice)

  • Unlimited mailbox size

  • Up to five free aliases per mailbox

  • Industry-leading virus and spam protection

  • Mail relay through MDaemon servers

  • Easy-to-use webmail interface

  • IMAP and POP3 compatible

  • Outlook compatible

  • Free one-month external email archiving
    (permanent archiving available on request)

  • No need to buy/maintain/upgrade hardware or software licenses

  • Free 24-hour telephonic mailbox support

  • Online support call logging portal

  • Market-leading query response time

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